Kooperiert mit Universität Duisburg-Essen
Kooperiert mit Universität Duisburg-Essen

About SFE

SF Education Center is one of the first educational institutes in North Rheine-Westphalia, supporting tutoring in many areas such as mathematic, physic, chemistry and so on. Meanwhile we also set up different kinds of language courses for the one aiming to study in Germany or for self-development. In addition to these we also regularly provide various activities to all students including their friends in order to help them have a intensive understanding about the traditional life in Germany and Europe as well.


Thinking of the significant location, friendly atmosphere abundance of qualified teachers and the inexpensive costs, SFE is the best choice for you all who wants to be more competitive and have a better potential in future carrier.


Since founding in 2011 the SF Education Center is situated –not least because of it’s brilliant concept – in a constantly change. The focus lays always in improving and quality assurance of the language courses and the additional services.


12 modern fitted classrooms and also our competent teachers, -all of them have educational and linguistic qualifications- will make learning in little classes at the SF Education Center to an unforgettable experience.

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45127 Essen Germany

Email: info@sf-education.com

Tel.:    +49 - (0)201 - 4741 - 293 Fax.:    +49 - (0)201 - 4741 - 292



Montag-Freitag: 9:00-17:00 Uhr



Bank: Sparkasse Essen Kontoinhaber: SF Education Center

IBAN: DE57360501050000286278


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