SFE Concept

All German-Native-Speaker Teachers

The best way to learn a language is to communicate with native speakers.


High-prestige accents + professional knowledge + authentic cultural permeation = SFE teachers


In SFE, all teachers have the pedagogy background from Germany, they are rich experienced and humorous in class, and good at communicating with foreign students, which will help students to overcome the psychological obstacles coming from their fear of making mistakes when they are talking during constant communication.



Multiplex Teaching


The ultimate goal of learning a language is to communicate and apply it.


SFE think that being an armchair strategist is not the best case, the teaching skills which are aiming at passing a test is really behindhand. So in our class, our teachers will try their best to let students practice their oral ability and lay the foundation of their future living in Germany.


In addition, our teachers not only teach students language knowledge, but also help them to combine different cultures. In order to let students learn more about our teaching methods and also for our teachers to know more about the students, our first class is for free.



Small-class Teaching


The classroom time is limited, so how to make teachers focus more on every student? Undoubtedly, that is small-class teaching.


SFE put small-class teaching into practice, we offer one-to-one VIP course, six-person spoken language class and DSH/DAF preparing or strengthening class which will contain up to 20 people, which will let each student have the chance to practice. We attach great importance to improve students’ oral ability and will make the plan and aim for them.



A comprehensive package of service


Most of the students of SFE are beginners of German or have never been to Germany before, who don’t really know about the way Germen deal with routine matters.


In order to make it easier for students on coming or living in Germany, we offer a comprehensive package of service.


SFE is equipped with many different sections, one of them is specially set up to deal with these affairs. Our students can enjoy visa applying, airport pickup, accommodation getting, bank and insurance handling, university applying and many other services.



Cultural Integration


During your oversea study, you should get command of the language, learning more about the local culture also plays an important role, which SFE is an expert on.


SFE always organizes activities which are related to German living at regular intervals, which will surely help our students learn more about the German culture.


Teaching through lively activities will farthest help you blend in local culture.


For splendid moment, click SFE Album.


During our teaching period, we believe in “Combining language with culture, Teaching through lively activities” and build a comfortable study atmosphere for students.


There are pictures on different kinds of activities we hold for students in SFE Album. Click here!



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