Frequently Asked Questions

1. Course information regarding the „Intensivsprachkurs Deutsch“ (intensive language course German)   

Level A1 altogether includes 150 lessons and costs 398 €. 

The levels A2/B1 include 200 lessons per level and cost 498 € each.   

The levels B2/C1 include 200 lessons per level and cost 512 € each.  

Level C1+DSH-Crash Course or C1+TestDaF-Crash Course include 245 lessons and cost 682 € each.


2.  Application procedure 

a. Online application  Please complete the application blank entirely and click “send”. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from the SFE Center on the next working day.       

b. Personal or third-party application is possible from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. during the week in the SFE Center’s Front Office.  

Adresse: Hoffnungstr. 2, 45127 Essen im 4. Obergeschoss    


3. Documents after the application 

1. After your successful application, you will be provided with a notice of arrival – including payment information – from the SFE Center.  

2. After receiving your course fee, you will be provided with a confirmation for both your application and your payment. These documents can be presented to public authorities and may also be used to apply for and prolong a legal status in the Federal Republic of Germany.    


4. Application fee 

There is NO application fee when applying from within Germany. When applying* from outside Germany, the application fee is 100 €. 

* If a participant is located outside of Germany during the application, a person within Germany may undertake the application and pay the fee in cash or transfer it from a German banking account.

Thus, there would be no application fee of 100 €.     


5. If visas are refused 

Refund of the course fee is not possible until the participant sends the refusal of his or her visa by the German Embassy to In that case, the application fee of 100 € from outside Germany will not be refunded.     


6. Lesson times 

Generally, the SFE Center offers morning and afternoon courses for every level except A1.   It’s up to the SFE Center’s discretion whether a participant takes a morning or afternoon course. However, you can choose the time of your course freely as soon as you can hand in any kind of certificate (e.g. certificate of employment, internship certificate).     


7. Placement test 

If you are in possession of the following certificates, you can directly attend the respective courses in the SFE Center – without having to write a placement test:  


1. with Goethe or telc certificate, you can join SFE course which is one level up, for example, you can join SFE B2 course directly when you have Goethe or telc B1 certificate.


2. with TestDaF certificate,

  • when your TestDaF point is 11-14 and with only one U3, you can join SFE B1 course directly
  • when you get at least 11 points in TestDaF and without any U3, you can join SFE B2 course directly
  • when your TestDaF point is 15-18 and with only one U3, you can join SFE B2 course directly
  • when you get at least 15 points in TestDaF and without any U3, you can join SFE C1 course directly


3. with DSH 1 certificate ,you can join SFE C1 course directly


If you do not possess at least one of the aforementioned certificates, you are obliged to partake in a placement test free of charge.  The appointment for the placement is individually plannable: Please arrange an appointment directly at the SFE Center’s Front office or contact us via e-mail at:


Hoffnungstr. 2

45127 Essen, Germany


Tel.:     +49 - (0)201 - 4741 - 293 Fax.:    +49 - (0)201 - 4741 - 292



Öffnungszeiten Front Office

   Montag - Donnerstag:

   11:00 - 14:00 Uhr


   Montag - Freitag:

   10:00 - 16:00 Uhr



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