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SF Education Center, one of the first educational institutes in North Rheine-Westphalia Germany, will set up online German courses soon. SFE offers small class sizes of 4 to 8 international students taught by high-qualified native-German speakers via Internet, using original German learning materials. You can benefit from our diverse online opportunities covering language levels A1–A2, and develop the four essential language skills–listening, speaking, reading and writing. With SFE distance learning courses you can interact with our German instructors and students from all over the world and learn German in a way, which is close to traditional classes. In order to help you improve your pronunciation and speaking skills we offer additional free courses, that specially focus on communication skills. Once you pass our online German examination, you will receive an official language certificate and are also eligible to take the next-level course in SF Education Center, Germany.


With SFE online German course you can decide for yourself where you would like to learn.

What We Offer

  • Interactive online German learning experience in a way similar to traditional learning.
  • Professional high-qualified native German instructors, bilingual teaching.
  • A welcoming international learning environment with students from all over the world.
  • Official language certificate issued by SF Education Center which will help you apply for German/Schengen visa.
  • You can determine a place of learning that fits your personal schedule.
  • Practice German communication skills in a small group for free (save 200€)

Course fee


Class Classhours Fee
A1(Elementary) 150 499 €
A2(Pre-Intermediate) 200 599 €


* Notes:

Prices per participant.

TU: Teaching Unit, 1 TU=45 minutes

Timetable (German Time, please pay attention to time differences):


Monday to Friday

(Classes missed on german public holidays will be arranged on Saturdays)


A1:    12:30 - 15:00

A2:    09:30 - 12:00




  1. Regular class size: min.4, max.9. Communication class size: max.9.
  2. Examination fees and certificate fees are included in the tuition fees, course material fees are not included.
  3. Each session lasts 3 months. Attendance will be taken every time. (Students who misses classes without a proper reason more than 5 times, will not be allowed to take the examination afterwards. Final grade will be given based on oral performance and a final written examination).
  4. After finishing the online course, you will take an online examination correspondingly. Once you pass the online German examination, you will receive an official language certificate issued by SF Education Center and are also eligible to take the next-level course in SF Education Center, Germany. The official language certificate is acknowledged by all universities and colleges in Germany. When you apply for German/Schengen visa, it will be of great help.


Please make sure that your laptop or computer is equipped with a camera, microphone as well as headphone.

Check the speed of your Internet shortly before class starts (If you need help with that, please contact our online course assistants).

Each student will have an individual online course account, please log into your account shortly before class starts.

If you would like to answer questions or you have any questions during class, please klick “Raise Your Hand” first.


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